Welcome to the 2014 seasons fishing.

River Ilen Anglers Club
AGM Report 2014

This year’s meeting coincided with the bad storm of February 12th. I’d like to thank all who turned up in terrible weather especially those lads that drove down from Cork City. 18 members convened at the West Cork Hotel to hear and discuss the following main points:
News From 2013;
Membership was steady at 37 adults (same as last year). This is on the low side as between 45 to 50 would give us a better financial base. This may now become more attainable with last year’s decision to scrap the residential qualification restrictions.

Visitors day ticket income was well down, due to the dry summer. A large membership would counter the unreliability of visitor numbers.

\Fishing wasn’t easy because of the weather but fish were caught particularly by those who know the river well and were there at the right time.

These will remain at last years rates (as do Visitors rates).
Full adult membership for 2014, €180 and €10 for juniors.
The fishing map has been upgraded and is available for download.


Hans Eckhardt Wagner, one of our members, has made a video of some of his fishing in 2013 – do watch it, it’s fascinating.
If you have any news or photos regarding fish or fishing please use the “contact me” link at bottom of any page to e-mail me and I will upload the news that night.

I’d like to urge all of last year’s members and indeed previous years to join again for this year. We have an ample quota of fish and a great river to enjoy. Please support us. Prospective new members can download application forms from the website or ring me for information.

Thanks go to;
Jim Wall for all his help and support.

Francie Kingston
for his incredible knowledge of the river and his invaluable help in dealing with farmers and upgrading the map.

Michael Harte’s contribution in his role as chairman and all that goes with it over many years is undoubtedly unsung but greatly appreciated.

Gook Luck & Good Fishing
Steve Rourke

When parking in roads to go fishing, Please stay about 2 car lengths away from farmers gates to allow them clear access with their farm machinery.